Friday, 11 November 2011

Some message ideas

You may have seen some of my suggestions on Twitter (hashtag #ChristmasSpiritCampaign), but I'm collecting them here for quick reference. Hopefully I will later add some longer ideas. Check back, as I will update this post as I come up with more.

The first few are ideal for people who are disabled and/or receive benefits:
  • All I get for Christmas is a £10 bonus from DWP. This year I also get to fear for my future.
  • Our lives are already tough, even at Christmas. Please help stop the Welfare Reform Bill making things even tougher
  • I hope you look forward to a prosperous New Year. For the sick and disabled, it seems like we may not even get by
 Here are some that are best suited to people who aren't on benefits, and want to include that point:
  • I do not support the persecution and victimisation of the disadvantaged in the Welfare Reform Bill. Do you? 
  • I'm lucky enough not to need benefits, but I don't support the stigmatisation of those that do. Please protect them
Finally, here are a few that work for anyone, and don't say or imply anything either way:
  • Winter is a time you have to keep warm. Many will be choosing between that and presents for their family
  •  My disabled friends are terrified. Give them a fantastic gift - oppose the replacement of DLA with PIP
  • How many more people will be struggling to survive by Chistmas 2013 if the Welfare Reform Bill passes?
  • We've seen the disaster of a tick-box assessment for ESA. How can we hope that one for PIP will be any better?
  • Disabled people are terrified of the changes in the Welfare Reform Bill. Please consider every amendment. 
  • Is the security of thousands really worth threatening by following your Whips on the Welfare Reform Bill?
  • I know peers won't rebel without good reason - so please listen to reasons to change the Welfare Reform Bill 
  • Please show seasonal generosity to those less fortunate, consider all amendments to the Welfare Remove Bill 
  • In a bill with so much left to regulations, more of the regulations should face the affirmative procedure 
  • Give a wonderful gift this Christmas, protect the interests of the vulnerable in the Welfare Reform Bill

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    1. That's great. I'm just going to end up wanting to write all of them though!


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